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Values our church expresses:

10 Kingdom culture VALUES:

RELATIONSHIPS:   A place for all generations: loving, honoring & growing together. From the curious heart to the mature believer there                                       is a place for everybody.

RESTORATION:      A place of refuge, renewal, repentance, reviving, rebuilding and reconciliation.

RIGHTEOUSNESS:A place where biblical principles for living are taught on a practical level, encouraged and supported.

RECEIVING:             A place where people receive God’s word, God’s love & God’s purpose.

RAISING UP:            A place where people are equipped and empowered for purpose.

RELEASING:            A place where people are released into their purpose & gifting.

REACHING OUT:    A place where people are encouraged to meet needs in the community and share God's story.


GENEROUSLY:        A place where people respond from their heart to give of their time, finances, talent & spirit to God’s purposes.

REVERENCE:           A place where people recognize the greatness of God & express their praise, worship & love passionately to God.

REMEMBERING:    A place where the great sacrifice of Jesus Christ on the cross is remembered and celebrated; that it was through His                                         death & resurrection the power of sin is broken over our lives.